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Hi , and welcome to this month's Tips & Tricks email! 

We're back with highlights of the newest features and improvements to the Which50 platform, so read on to discover how Which50 can help you master your digital communications.


Segmenting your contacts has never been easier with our new Time-Bound Segmentation options. This allows you to only send your communications to anyone who has or hasn't received an Email/SMS within the last x number of days, weeks, months or years.


This works exactly the same as how you would normally set up your segmentation, but now means you can include/exclude contacts based on whether they've been sent or engaged with a previous campaign recently.

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Sending Emails/SMS to Duplicate Contacts


When sending an Email or SMS, Which50 by default will automatically exclude any duplicate contacts found in your Contact List, however you can ignore this setting if necessary.

And now you can select which field should be used to determine the Duplicate Contacts, with the "Allow Duplicates for Field" drop-down menu. Previously this feature would have been restricted to duplicate email addresses, or duplicate mobile numbers, but now it can be used in conjunction with any Field, for example duplicate Account Numbers.

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Visual Reporting for Audience and Link Clicks


The pie charts found at the bottom of the Campaign Reports screen have been revamped. 

The left pie chart now displays the Audience information, regarding the percentage of your contacts who have been successfully delivered your Email/SMS (or not). And the right chart displays the Link Click information, each segment represents the number of contacts who have clicked on the labelled link from your Email.

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If you need any help or would like further info on any of the features highlighted here please check out our Help Centre or send us an email at: support@customerminds.com

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