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Welcome to this month's Tips & Tricks email! Read on below for useful insights on new features as well as helpful hints and guidelines for getting the best out of your Which50 experience.

New Feature:
Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) login verification


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) comes to Which50


We all know how critical it is to have the appropriate protection for all of your data and campaigns which are hosted in cloud environments such as Which50. With this in mind we are now rolling out Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to add an additional layer of cybersecurity via additional verification steps beyond the current email and password combination.


Once we have enabled MFA on your Which50 account then the next time you login you will see the Authentication steps on your login screen.

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New Feature: View Test Email History


We have added a new feature to the crucial step of Testing your Campaign. When sending a test email, to yourself or your colleagues, you will now see the new 'View History' option appear in the popup Test Email menu.

This will allow you to see the details of any emails sent to that contact, so you know exactly when they received the test email, and if it was delivered successfully.


Please note that if no test emails have been sent, this screen will be blank.

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New Feature: Hyperlink Colour Styling


You can now change the colour of your links in your email text, based on a default colour and a different colour if the link is hovered over!

This will help you to make your links stand out within your emails, and gives you more control over how they are displayed across all inboxes.

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If you need any help or would like further info on any of the features highlighted here please check out our Help Centre or send us an email at: support@customerminds.com

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